What’s this all about?
The Colour features exceptional Australian-themed images: the best in new art, photography, illustration, music, cool products and fashion, all with a Down Under flavour.

Can I grab images from other websites? Won’t they mind?
You can. And we don’t think they’ll mind. We’re promoting Australian talent, after all, so as long as the image and link are from the same site, it should be fine.

Uhhhh, can I Un-Love something? I hit the Love button by mistake on one of my own posts, and I really don’t want to love my own stuff!
Sorry, but better to have Loved and lost than never Loved at all.

Does it have to be an Australian image?
Yes, The Colour is an Australian focused website. But we’ll be rolling out more sites just like this with broader — and also more specific — focuses. So drop us a line if you’d like to be notified when the new sites come up.

Does the image I upload need to relate to the content I post about?
Good question. Given that we’re promoting Australian work, people, websites etc, the images should correlate directly to the content that your referring to. So every image should have an Australian-connection and be specifically related to the link that it goes to.

Who’s behind The Colour?
The team at Conversant Media. We also publish the pop culture website Lost At E Minor, the Australian sports opinion website, The Roar, and the music discovery site, My Secret Playlist.

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